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Spelunking in the cave of paint

I finally got to clamber back in to my paint cave today. Two weeks off from painting and I was going feral. I mean it. I love my kids but two weeks of constant child care and no painting was too much. I had a blast painting. I was manically happy by the end.  

I the reason I have so many works in progress is because I like to work on a LOT of ideas at once. These are a few of the works I’ve been daubing today.  

The title Curling Union will change maybe. I’ve got more layers to add and more details like lines. 

The image below is part of my Pattern Recognition series. The binary background in is from the hexadecimal information from a photograph of my lovely visage. I’ve used the binary to seed for a very loose version of Conway’s Game of life

Throw back friday

I meant to post a different post, but I’ve had a weird week. I don’t know if I was just burnt out or what. I spent all week being unreasonably, unfeasibly angry. I don’t know why.  That’s all gone now, I think. Any way I feel stupid and odd for posting this.

The image below is Greenscape and it seems to be getting a lot of love on my Facebook page. I hope you  like it. It’s not angry at all. In fact I find it quite serene.


Blog hopping

I’ve been a bit lax. Last week the talented and lovely Dawn Diamantopoulos, asked myself and Julia spencer, to take part in the ‘Blog Hop’. The idea is that I answer a set of questions about my work and introduce two more artists to continue the blog hop. 

Blog Hop - this is the link to her contribution to the ‘blog hop’

I’m working on my contribution to the blog hop.  So I thought I’d tell you a little more about Dawn and Julia’s work 

Dawn is currently working on landscapes, but has previously worked on abstracting from the figure. Her landscapes remind me of the bogs of Ireland, with the potential for secrets to be buried in the deep dark green.  I love her work and have been lucky enough to receive one of her works as part of the postcardswap she runs. 

I’ve been more of a lurker on Julia’s G+ account. It has been interesting watching her develop as an illustrator. Her blog is filled with her ideas and poetry, it  a bit like a rabbit hole of interestingness.

So keep you eyes peeled for a Blog hop soon.


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